Erica de Sousa

Bodytalk Practitioner

Erica de Sousa discovered BodyTalk as a solution to an overwhelming amount of stress in her body and mind. Since then, Erica’s experience of increased peace and self-awareness inspires her to make BodyTalk’s unique approach to health accessible to others.

As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Erica launched Spring BodyTalk to support families seeking improved health, balance, and well-being by addressing the root cause of the pain or discomfort they are experiencing.

The simple yet comprehensive BodyTalk System provides a holistic approach to improving physical, mental and emotional health by uncovering the underlying emotions, beliefs, and patterns you’re ready to resolve and release.

Each client has a specific sequence of healing that needs to be followed for optimal health. By tapping into the innate wisdom of the client, which holds this sequence, your BodyTalk session is perfectly designed for you, by you. As connections and communications are re-established across and within all levels of the body and mind, you will naturally move towards greater health and wellness.

Sessions are non-invasive and suitable for all ages.

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