Connect. Heal. Thrive.

At The Lifehouse

Our approach is different.

When you walk through our doors, you enter into a community designed to provide hope, healing, connection and possibility.

In our office you will always be cared for as an important and unique individual, listened to, and treated with respect. We take time to give clear explanations of what is going on, how we may be able to help you, how long it will take, and what it will cost. At all times you will be actively involved in your care with us, helping us to set goals based on what your current state of health may be, the stresses you encounter in your everyday life, and the level of health you wish to strive for.

Our team includes chiropractic care for all ages, massage therapy, acupuncture and reiki, all of which work together to help you get the results you want.  We work with the natural healing abilities of the body to help you thrive with vibrant health, no matter your age, life history or current concerns. We aim to uncover what is blocking you from having the health, peace of mind, and hope you are looking for – so that you and your family can live your life the way you want.  

We believe your body is Brilliant,
not Broken

The human body is an incredible masterpiece designed to function, heal, adapt and thrive.  And yet, many people are not reaping the rewards of this inborn ability due to history, stress, environment, and lifestyle as the body works overtime to keep you functioning, but certainly not experiencing life in its fullest capacity.

We are here to tell you that there is always something that can be done to help the human body improve function, regardless of age.

Is it a life with less pain you seek? Enhanced sports performance? Healthy immune systems? Better sleep? Help with hormonal challenges? Feeling less wound up, anxious or stressed out? More energy? Calmer babies and more focused kids? More peace of mind? Or just a little hope that things can get better?

Taking Care of Families

Offering Hope & Peace of Mind

At The Lifehouse, we welcome families seeking clarity and support in their health journeys. Our commitment to you is rooted in providing hope and understanding, ensuring that everyone leaves our care feeling uplifted, with the knowledge that embracing and caring for your body can profoundly transform your life.

Our office is tailored to families, with a special focus on chiropractic care for prenatal, pediatric and family care

Time To Realign


As a family chiropractor, the focus when you see Dr. Amy is to restore and promote optimal function in your body via the clear brain-to-body connection that comes from receiving specific and gentle chiropractic care.  By adjusting the spine, we help your body release patterns of tension or disfunction that can interfere with the communication superhighway that connects your brain and body.  Regardless of age, history or symptoms, your body works, heals, develops and grows better with a clear and healthy nervous system. 


Our massage therapists have a wealth of knowledge and training and are comfortable working with all ages, including kids.


Acupuncture can be used to address both acute and chronic illness, and each treatment is fully personalized to the client’s needs.


Reiki, universal life energy, is a powerful holistic therapy that restores balance to your energy flow to support healing, and promote optimal health.

Meet Dr. Amy

Welcome to The Lifehouse! We hope you join us and the incredible community of people who have come through our doors since opening in 2015. 

As the Lifehouse owner, a chiropractor, wife and mother, I believe that the most important role I can play in my family, my practice, and our community, is to help people believe in what is possible for them, reconnecting them to their own inherent ability to function, heal, grow and evolve.

As someone with a deep understanding of health and healing, I support people in how they think about themselves and their health. Because the only way that people change their habits – is first to change how they think. Then, and only then, will they change how they act.

My intention is to help make this world a better place – one that is healthier, happier, more connected and whole. My vision is for a world where people truly understand how magnificent they are, how amazing their bodies are, and that they can do anything.

If I can support more people to make choices that will allow themselves and their families to thrive with vibrant health, happiness and vitality – then their world changes. And our entire world changes, too.

What People Say About Us

Patient Testimonials

Do you believe that you were designed to thrive? We do.

But we also know how many people face the challenge of being healthy, or raising a healthy family in today’s hectic world. How do you sift through all of the information to know your best options? How do you ‘stack the deck’ in your favour to be as vital, healthy and resilient as possible?  Where do you turn if you’re at your wits’ end and losing hope? Where do you start?