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Dr. Tiff Johnson

Because DC stands for “Doctor of Chiropractic”, you may think of me as a stuffy professional because I’m called a “Doctor”.  You may expect me to be dressed in a suit with high heels, covered by a white coat. You may expect me to tell you everything you’re doing wrong and how I can fix it. You may expect me to act like I’m above you and that I know better than you do. You may expect me to be stoic, analytical and not easy to talk to.

That is so far from wrong. Here is the real me:

Yes, my letters stand for “Doctor” but most people call me Tiff. I dress in comfy pants and tops because I have my hands on a lot of people and first and foremost I need to be comfortable (oh ya, and I sweat). I don’t wear shoes, I’m barefoot all day and I’m lucky if I get a pedicure two times a year. I’m casual and relaxed, funny and loud.  I’m not here to tell you what is wrong, but what will help your body heal. Don’t put me on a pedestal, I am human just as you are.

What I know will help you transform your life.  

I want you to feel like family and I will do whatever it takes to help you. Some call me a straight shooter (my husband says ‘bossy’) but I’m here to be a stepping stone to get your life back. To find your happy. To find YOU. Happiness doesn’t come from ‘things’ outside of your body. It starts with what’s inside of you.

How am I different?

What my patients appreciate about my approach is that I take more of a holistic approach to health. No you won’t encounter flying monkeys and woohooo rituals in my office. I like to think of my approach as more “whole-istic” because everything about and around you impacts your “whole” body and it can show up as physical pain in the body. Besides talking about your health and happiness, along with your mindset associated with that, we might talk nutrition, environment, sleep, attitude, toxic friendships, maybe even yoga and meditation. Your life is complicated, but sometimes small changes have big impact and my goal is to try to better understand what your body is responding to so we can get down to the business of healing.

I’m Tiff. Just a small town girl, a bit rough around the edges and I can’t wait to share my gifts with you. I am a Chiropractor. I am a healer.

Dr. Marq Albrecht

Hello there! I’m Dr. Marq (officially Marqelle but turns out that’s hard to spell and pronounce). Professionally speaking, I’m a prenatal, pediatric and family wellness Chiropractor. My life’s passion and purpose = connecting families with their God-given rights to health, happiness, peace, fulfillment and connection. Chiropractic has been one of the outlets for me to serve that intention.

If we’re talking about the core level of who I am, I’d say I’m a shoot-from-the-hip, spiritual, joyful oddball. I live in Mapleton with my boyfriend who might as well be my husband (Michael), son (Hank), baby-on-board (name TBD) and Saint Bernard (Darla). I adore all things outdoors, a good card/board game, Marvel movies, eating good food and loving up on family and friends.

"Your body is brilliant, not broken.”

Dr. Tiff

Meet Your Healer

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Our Unique


Perhaps the most striking component that sets us apart could also be called our specialty. It is our recognition of the connection between the brain and emotions. The brain is the epicenter of our mood and our ability to interpret the world around us. Ensuring that the brain has a clear path to transmit that experience to the body is a crucial piece in the puzzle of emotional health.

An adjustment doesn’t only affect the part of the body we’re adjusting – it affects the whole thing. If you imagine the communication between brain and body as a visible flow, any disruption (subluxation) in that flow affects all the parts that come after it. Your adjustment clears the path, so that the communication and energy can flow freely, allowing your body to do what it was designed to do – heal itself.

When we clear the path from brain to body the whole body functions optimally.

Therapy works better when the brain and body have clear communication.
Anxiety improves when body and mind are connected.
Medications work better if that path is clear.
Everything works better.

Your brain’s communication to the body is like water flowing through a hose. When we remove any blockages, it can do what it was designed to do. Adjustments remove the blockages.

When the brain is disconnected from the body, it can’t get a read on what’s going on around it, flips into fight or flight mode, and gives us rushes of adrenaline. Depression, immune challenges, chronic sickness & pain, fatigue, behavioural & learning challenges, constipation, gut issues, digestive issues – many people think that these symptoms are just a part of life. They are not. 

Chiropractic allows the brain to re-pattern and rebalance. It resets the brain and connects it to the body, allowing for a “life without limits”, reflected in body, mind and spirit.

That being said, we have created our “toolboxes” from multiple technique seminars, mentors and experts so although we have a list of numerous techniques (including Tonal, Diversified, Webster, Thompson Drop, SOT, Logan, Cranial and BEST), in time we create our own. Founded in science – but perfected in application. 

When the brain is disconnected from the body, it can’t get a rad on what’s going on around it and starts sending us warning signs. 

How Does This Apply to my Baby?
Colic, reflux, difficulty latching – many people don’t realize there is a neurological component to these symptoms. The resulting gap these symptoms cause often lead to chronic immune issues commonly presenting as tummy pain or constipation. 

… And to my Bigger Kiddos?
There is a massive neurological component to anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD, ADD, autism, OCD, SPD, dyslexia, bedwetting, food/texture sensitivities, toe-walking and allergies.

These symptoms aren’t just uncomfortable, they can seriously affect quality of life. While Chiropractic isn’t a cure-all, it works in conjunction with other measures to optimize their impact.

Chiropractic allows the brain to re-pattern and rebalance between left and right, in addition to clearing the flow for brain/body connection.

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