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Cori Lucas

Cori was guided to her calling as an acupuncturist through her own transformative experiences with the practice and is a recent graduate of the 2200 hr Acupuncture practitioner program at the College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bedford.

Cori’s practice is centered around recognizing each client as an entire energetic and physical being and supporting their healing with the tools she has acquired throughout her own journey. Using acupuncture, gua sha, fire cupping, and acupressure she aims to address emotional well-being, sleep issues, musculoskeletal pain, and endocrine and nervous system regulation.  As a firm believer that the healing doesn’t end when you get off the table, Cori will often recommend home care to support her treatments.

Cori loves the beauty offered by the world around us and can be found outside of clinic, moving her body, enjoying music/theatre, learning, or spending time outdoors with her friends, family, and animals.

Why Acupuncture

Acupuncture as a modality operates on the principle that all disease is caused by an issue with the free flow of Qi (vital life energy that sustains all living beings) throughout the body.  This can be caused by either physical or emotional blockages or by an actual deficiency. Through the insertion of fine needles at specific points on the body, a traditional east Asian medicine practitioner seeks to reestablish this free flow.

On a scientific level, acupuncture can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, releasing endorphins and helping to restore balance in the body. This will lead to better sleep, increased healing, and improved emotional well being.

It can be used to address both acute and chronic illness, and each treatment is fully personalized to the client’s needs, generally including a blend of modalities such as tuina, acupressure, gua sha or cupping.

Hours and Pricing

Mondays 3:00-8:00pm

Initial Visit– 75 minutes – $110
Follow up Visit– 60 minutes – $90
Gua sha/cupping – 45 minutes – $70
Combo Visit– 90 minutes – $135


How do I get more information?

Call our office and talk to us. We understand that our approach is different, and that many people have questions. We will answer your questions and put your mind at ease about whether our practice might be the right choice for you.