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Do you ever wonder why you aren’t as healthy, energetic, or
happy as you wish you could be?

At The Lifehouse, we work with the natural healing abilities of the body. We strive to create a community that is vibrant with life – where people truly experience health so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

As a family chiropractor and health advocate, Dr. Amy Robinson will help you uncover what the missing pieces to your own health challenges might be.

Do you ever wish that you had someone to turn to when you
have health and lifestyle questions?

With over 2 decades of experience helping people create extraordinary health for themselves and their families, Dr. Amy Robinson may just become the trusted advisor you have been wishing for.

With extensive training and experience helping individuals and families rebuild their health from the inside out, Dr. Amy’s greatest passion lies in working with pregnant women, babies and kids. This is because she has seen first hand just how powerful it can be to add this approach to health, especially when started in the early stages of life.

Do you find yourself wondering if there is anything else you could to be doing to help your family be healthier, or reaching more of their own potential in life?

As a family chiropractor, the primary focus when you see Dr. Amy Robinson is to restore and promote optimal function in your body via the clear brain-to-body connection that comes from receiving vitalistic chiropractic care. Dr. Amy uses a combination of computerized testing, postural analysis, and hands on assessment to determine how to best help each person reach his/her potential.

It is our intention to provide life enhancing chiropractic care along with education on how to optimize your body’s inborn wisdom and healing potential. We hope to instil in you a deep level of trust in the fact that health comes from within and that by making informed and balanced decisions for your health, you can truly create the highest quality of life possible.

We use a variety of techniques to adjust the spine and remove interference to the nervous system, depending on age, size, and chiropractic findings. Adjusting techniques vary significantly from an infant, child, and pregnant woman, adult or senior. All techniques are gentle and respectful of each person’s unique needs and preferences.

Dr. Amy’s approach is to read each person’s body to determine what he/she needs to release tension and find balance. Using a combination of gentle, low force techniques, structural adjustments, breath work and cranial adjustments, she assists in freeing the nervous system of interference, allowing for a greater expression of health and life in the body.

Dr. Amy Robinson

Family Chiropractor

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