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We’re here for you, Mama (and hopeful parents-to-be)

We know how hard it is to be a parent in today’s world – to care so deeply for another human being, and yet be completely overwhelmed with worries on whether we’re doing this parenting thing well, especially when it comes to our family’s health, development and wellbeing.  Whether you are trying to conceive, expecting your first, or parenting through different life stages, we’ve got you. 

We believe that YOU are the expert – no one knows your child better than you, and no one has your love, concern or intuitive wisdom on their side quite like you.   (No one has it all figured out, by the way, and unfortunately, our bodies and our kiddos don’t come with operating manuals.)   However, with decades of experience supporting families, we have a wealth of knowledge to share with you to help make this parenting process a little less turbulent – and to remind you that you are not alone. 

Our niche lies in supporting families – from newborns to grandparents, from pre- conception to birth, and from developmental well-baby check ups to crisis care for any age.  Life has its challenges – and when it comes to our loved ones, we all want what is best for them. 

We’d be honoured to become one of your trusted resources, supporting you through hands on care, a listening ear, balanced health advice, and perhaps an extra dose of peace of mind. Do yourself a favour and give us a call.  

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Taking Care of Families


We care deeply about the expectant mamas in our practice: We want to help you have as easy, healthy, and natural an experience as possible.  We care about you – but just like you, we care even more about your baby and the profound and potentially lifelong benefit a gentle start in life can have for them. 

Pregnancy is a time of unprecedented growth and change in the human body, and a crucial time to support healthy physiology, manage tension levels, and ensure alignment in the pelvis and spine to allow for a more comfortable pregnancy, and an easier birth.  Chiropractic for pregnancy is gentle, hands-on care and is designed to bring your body to a better state of balance and ease.  Our intention of establishing a clear brain-to-body line of communication is key in regulating all of your body functions – including the connection between your body and your baby.   

We are honoured to be a trusted resource for you, and recognize how many worries and questions you may have during this wonderful, but often overwhelming life stage.   Whether you need information, hands on care, a listening ear, or just a hug – we’ve got you. 

Did you know?

Pregnant women under regular chiropractic care report a more comfortable pregnancy, including less low back and pelvic discomfort, less morning sickness, and less heartburn. There is also a significant decrease in labour time of 25% reduction in 1st births, 39% reduction in 2nd+ births. Women under regular chiropractic care experience fewer breech babies, fewer c-sections, and fewer interventions.

Birth is challenging for babies, too – with up to 80% of births affecting the skull, spine, and nervous system of the newborn, with potential effects on breastfeeding, development and bodily functions. These areas can be addressed through chiropractic adjustments tailored to the delicate structures of a newborn baby.

Dr. Amy is specifically trained in gentle chiropractic assessments for newborns to help your baby, and ease your mind, no matter what your birth story may bring.

Pregnancy and birth are natural processes. Chiropractic care supports these so that both can happen as nature designed.

How does chiropractic care help if my baby is breech?

Dr. Amy is specifically trained in the Webster Technique, which is a specific adjustment protocol used when a baby is presenting breech (not in a head-down position). It involves a specific chiropractic adjustment and ligament contact that reduces interference to the nerve system, and balances out pelvic muscles and ligaments, which in turn can allow the baby to get into the best possible position for birth. The technique is safe, gentle, and studies report a success rate as high as 89%.


Children and Chiropractic

The greatest period of brain growth and development occurs during the first 2 years of life. One of the essential ingredients for healthy development of the brain is movement – and in particular, proper movement in the spine. This movement literally ‘feeds’ the brain, just as nutrients fuel our bodies. The problem arises when very slight misalign-ments in the spine cause altered movement in the joints that can interfere with this stimulation to the brain, and hinder optimal development of the nervous system. Since this is the master control for the body, this can interfere with how any part of your body works, including muscles, organs, immune system, brain function and your body’s stress response. This communication is essential to the proper function of their body, and is often the missing link in a person’s health and wellbeing, simply because most people don’t know to check for it.

After all, we check our kids’ eyes, ears and teeth – but somehow have left out checking the most vital system of all: the nervous system.

Children Chiropractor at The Lifehouse, Hammonds Plains, Bedford, Lower Sackville, Tantallon



The truth is, in most cases, you wouldn’t. While there could be signs, like an infant who only looks or nurses to one side, or who can’t latch, won’t crawl, or is often fussy – in many babies and children, the signs are minimal and not known to be associated with the spine and nerves. With other children, dysfunction shows up in issues like recurring ear infections, constipation, or weak immune systems, while many postural imbalances, pain or symptoms don’t become evident until the adolescent years.

Our bodies go through many challenges as we grow, possibly including:

  • Physical stresses such as birth trauma, bumps and falls, sports, and recurring postural habits like playing with electronics.
  • Chemical stresses such as pregnancy/birth chemicals, repeated antibiotics, food sensitivities and environmental allergies.
  • Mental or Emotional stresses such as traumatic birth, separation, maternal or family stresses.

These can overload a young child’s body and nervous system, much in the way that we can blow a fuse if we overload the electrical panel in our homes.

As with anything in our health, the earlier we start healthy habits and instil healthy pat-terns, the more long-lasting the results. It is so much easier to correct underlying issues in babies and children than it is to address long-standing patterns in adults. As a parent, it could save your family years of health challenges and give you peace of mind.

Whole Family Care

How do you adjust a baby or child?

Chiropractic adjustments – especially on children – should never hurt. On the very young, an adjustment is done with pressure as light as what you could press on your eyeball comfortably, and most babies are checked while in the arms of their parents, and often sleep through it. Dr. Amy Robinson, as a member of the International Chiro-practic Pediatric Association ( has completed post-graduate studies on specific techniques for pregnant mothers, infants and children to enhance her skills in this field. As a matter of fact, kids often enter our office running to the table, wanting to be first. They ask for an adjustment, and giggle their way through it.

For more information about the effectiveness of chiropractic care during pregnancy, for newborns or children of all ages, please visit the website of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) at

How do I get more information?

Call our office and talk to us. We understand that our approach is different, and that many parents have questions. With over two decades of experience seeing families, and thousands of appointments with babies and kids, we will answer your questions and put your mind at ease about whether this might be the right choice for you.