Reiki, the universal life energy, is a powerful holistic therapy.  The healing art of Reiki addresses disruptions and imbalances in energy flow to support and promote optimal physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  During a Reiki session, Niki uses Chakra Balancing, crystals, sound, and visualization depending on individual needs.  Energy flows where it is needed  to restore, replenish, and balance mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies to foster deep healing of mind, body and soul.  

The healing effects of Reiki are unique to each individual but may include deep relaxation, a profound sense of calm & wellbeing, clarity of mind, strengthened immunity, improved quality of sleep, relief from pain and muscle tension, accelerated healing and recovery from injuries, increased energy, reduced anxiety & depression, expanded personal & spiritual growth, emotional release and healing.

To fully understand Reiki one must experience it.

Reiki is appropriate for people and children of all ages and in any state of health, including pregnancy

Niki Jones

Reiki Master

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